Cyx was borned in Hungary in 1984. He liked the music from of his childhood. He’s started with amateur DJ-ing 15 years old, with his friends. His favourite DJs at that time (John Digweed, Sasha, John Creamer, Danny Tenaglia and much more) are had a big effect on him.Not much later he’s started to make his own music with PC and amateur softwares, but the way of the learn was long and full of tumblers. He suspended his musical work because of family reasons, and restarted just in 2009, already in deep house style. He’s first EP, named ‘Boutique’ was released in march 2011 on Stereo Tension Records (Canada). He’s next release was on Radiocity Records (GB/HUN) with one track on a compilation EP named Springtime beside names of that, than Adam Byrd and Moonline. He’s forthcoming EP release in 28. may 2011 on Toubkal Records (Lyon,FR) with supporting of Touzani Reda.