Sometimes something special such as a dream or passion may be born in a room. That was the case here; it began with a group of people joined together by their need to listen to good music one Sunday morning. This quickly became a welcomed after party which developed into what was named ‘Menomale Afterhours’ in the Summer of 2006 with DJs After & Shave aka Mario Conte e Fabio Spezzaferri. These guys had been passionate about music for many years so decided to cultivate this common love for composition and production and in September 2008 ‘Menomale Afterhours’ became ‘MENOMALE RECORDS LTD’. The concept was simple; give both new comers and veterans in the music industry the possibility to be involved, first hand, with a musical project based not on notoriety of an artist but on potential and hard work. Mario and Fabio do not believe that starting from the beginning makes you a ‘nobody’ but rather a ‘somebody with enormous potential’. The first label ‘Menomale Records’ was born in November 2008 with its opening release called ‘Eletroniche Ep’ by After & Shave and was defined by the idea that minimal tech-house music is an art form. Therefore this isn’t just another minimal label but rather the creators believe that importance lies on the discovery of non-conventional paths for ‘now’ rather than adhering to an established minimalism movement. In the years that followed the two founders nurtured their passion and cultivated the fruits of their labour, in fact, ‘Menomale’ now boasts 2 labels (Menomale Records and Menomale Music), more than 80 tracks on 25 albums and more than 25 artists such as Sebastian Ese, Gery Otis, Booz (Boozandthesheep), Luca Rosa, Mario Reder, Licuadora System and Ave just to name a few. Menomale is also proud to have launched the career of some of these musicians. Now ‘Menomale’ produces an average of 2 ‘tech-house’ albums a month and is continuing to grow and transform with a new House/Deep-House project on the horizon which will continue the credo of creativity and possibility for everyone. The founders would like to thank everyone who helped make this dream come true which is why now Menomale … it’s a good thing.